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Uttar Pradesh, India (201301)

Aaradhya, a child prodigy

Knowteez was setup in 2022 in the loving memory of Aaradhya, my beautiful and gifted daughter who tragically left this world on Jan 26th 2022, at the age of just 3 years old. Aaradhyas legacy, however, lives on.

Born on Oct 16th 2018 it was clear early on that Aaradhya had an exceptional IQ, in fact, at the age of just 3 years old, on Dec 26th 2021, Aaradhya recited 40 elements of the periodic table on stage at a local talent contest. But Aaradhya didnt stop there, by the 23rd Jan 2022 Aaradhya had memorised 108 elements of the periodic table, and just two days later, on the 25th Jan 2022, Aaradhya was able to recite all 118 elements in under 2 minutes and 4 seconds - an acheivement for which Aaradhya earned her own place in the India Book of Records. It was clear to everyone that Aaradhya wasn't an average child, she was exceptionally talented.

Aaradhya simply loved to learn new things, so much so that at her very young age Aaradhya knew the names of all of the the planets in our solar system, the names of scientists and their inventions, along with their date of births, she could reverse count from 50 to -50, forward count to 150, spell complex words in both Hindi and English, addition and subtraction of numbers, and much more. Aaradhya also loved taking on practical challenges and enjoyed connecting dots, playing scrabble, and trying out science experiments. Aaradhya was a genuine child prodigy

In her short life Aaradhya was able to acheive all that she did as she was supported and nurtured by those that cared about her. Her grandmother Sushma Jain helped Aaradhya learn Hindi, Mathematics, counting, Sanskrit Mantras and Shaloks. Her mother, Nidhi Jain, worked effortlessly to help Aaradhya become the best she could be, always encouraging her to learn new things whilst having fun. And her elder sister Saadgi Jain also played an essential role in helping Aaradhya to nurture her creative side, through painting, arts and crafts, and simply playing games

She was a prodigy, She could recite the Periodic Table of Elements in 2 minutes and 4 seconds and made a record in India Book of Records, and she could do complex mathematics addition and subtraction, tables. She knew all about planets, weeks, months, and even the names of scientists and their inventions.

Aaradhya acheived all that she did in her short life as she had a loving family and support network that supported her. Unfortunately, however, many families lack the resources to support their children, leading to wasted talents and lost dreams. And this is why I setup Knowteez.

At Knowteez we believe that every child has the right to be educated and develop their talents, which is why we provide scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance to the families of gifted children like Aaradhya, to help them acheive their full potential and realise their dreams. Please help me honour the memory of my daughter Aaradhya, by helping a another child in need.

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